Vincent Lefebve

vincent lefebve Vincent Lefebve has a PhD degree in legal sciences (2013), a Master’s degree in Law (2002) and two specialized Master’s degrees in legal theory (2003) and in philosophy (2005). From 2004 to 2009, he was active as a lawyer and then as law clerk in the Ministry of Justice, before joining the ULB in October 2009 to devote himself entirely to research. In his doctoral dissertation written under the direction of Julie Allard (ULB) and Luc Wintgens (KUL - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Vincent Lefebve strived to unveil the legal dimension of Hannah Arendt’s thought. This research received two scientific awards: in 2014, the Alice Seghers Prize of the ULB Faculty of Law and, in 2015, the Auschwitz Foundation International Prize ( = Re9ViWhcmcs). A book resulting from this PhD thesis was published in 2016 (Politique des limites, limites de la politique. La place du droit dans la pensée de Hannah Arendt, Brussels, Éditions de l’Université de Bruxelles, coll. « Philosophie politique : généalogies et actualités »,2016, 286 p.). Since 2014 Vincent Lefebve conducts a postdoctoral research on representations of judges and justice in films (as post-doctoral researcher of the FNRS (2014-2017) and then as researcher at the ULB (2017-present)). The project is entitled “Judging in Movies. A Reassessment of the Political Role of the Judge and Justice”. More generally, he is interested in the relationships between law, politics and history. Vincent Lefebve is currently a researcher and lecturer at ULB and, since 2016, he is also an associate researcher at the Institut des hautes études sur la justice in Paris (IHEJ).

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