Laura Van den Eynde

Laura Van den Eynde is Doctor of the Science of the Law and teaches the course of « Comparative Law » at the Université de Mons. After her law studies at the Université libre de Bruxelles, she attended the European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Venice (Italy) and at the Danish Institute for Human Rights in Copenhagen. She also holds a degree from Stanford Law School which focused on socio-legal research. Her research analyses the relationships between human rights NGOs and jurisdictions. She investigates the influence these organisations have on judicial dialogue and focuses on the European Court of Human Rights, the South African Constitutional Court and the US Supreme Court. Her thesis, written under the supervision of Julie Allard and Emmanuelle Bribosia is entitled Interpreting Rights Collectively. Comparative Arguments in Public Interest Litigants’s Briefs on Fundamental Rights was defended in November 2015. Laura coordinates the European Master in Human Rights and Democratisation for the Université libre de Bruxelles.

Research themes


Non-governmental organisations, human rights, judicial dialogue, comparative law

Title of thesis

Interpreting Rights Collectively. Comparative Arguments in Public Interest Litigants’s Briefs on Fundamental Rights

Publications principales

  • Iura novit curia … ? Une aide externe pour l’interprétation du droit peut néanmoins être bienvenue, Administration Publique (Trimestriel), 2017, pp. 69-78.
  • “Encouraging Judicial Dialogue: An Analysis of Human Rights NGOs’ Briefs to the European Court of Human Rights”, in E. Hege & A. Müller (eds), Judicial Dialogue and Human Rights, Cambridge University Press, 2017, pp. 339-399.
  • The South African Constitutional Court’s death penalty and rendition cases as tools for litigants abroad”, XLIX Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa, 2016, pp. 369-386.
  •  (Book review) “Engines of Liberty: The Power of Citizen Activists to Make Constitutional Law: by David Cole, Basic Books, 2016”, Law and Politics Book Review, 2016, 26, 8, pp. 144-147.
  • “The ECtHR’s enigmatic relationship with civil society organisations”, in A. Hoc, S. Wattier and G. Willems (eds.) Human rights as basis for reevaluating and reconstructing the Law, Bruylant, 2016, pp. 199-212.
  • “Requêtes d’ONGs à la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme: la Cour tente (trop) prudemment d’élargir l’accès à son prétoire en contournant ses propres embûches: (obs. sous Cour eur. dr. h., Gde Ch., Affaire « Centre de Ressources Juridiques » au nom de Valentin Câmpeanu c. Roumanie, 17 juillet 2014), Revue trimestrielle des droits de l'homme, 105, 2016, pp. 227-243.
  • “Same-Sex Marriage: Building an Argument Before the European Court of Human Rights in Light of the U.S. Experience” (with E. Bribosia et I. Rorive), 32 Berkeley Journal of International Law, 2014, pp. 1-43. Read the article
  • “An Empirical Look at the Amicus Curiae Practice of Human Rights NGOs before the European Court of Human Rights”, Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, vol. 31/3, 2013, pp. 271-313. Read the article
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